A private garden  /
: stories about desires for an ideal 

‘I have photographed, re-purposed, and, on occasion, created dolls as therapeutical expressions for rediscovering the presentation of my self-image and gender identity.’

Between PINK and BLUE

Decades of socialization that have led us to believe that boys wear blue, have short hair, and play with trucks, whereas girls like pink, grow their hair long, and play with dolls. This led to a binaural perception of external expressions, which led us to believe that there is no middle ground.

Through repurposing and making dolls, a sense of control upon the enforced, assigned gender is formed. The anxiety and dysphoria are being redirected toward the object that is in my hand, that is quiet, buildable, malleable. The penis and nipples can be altered and reshaped. It can be there, or not.

A dysphoric implication of placing one in a colour - seeking, placing, seeking, placing, eventually assigned.  

“The absence of neutrality, gently weeping.”


I present my self in this othered body /

:That is neither here nor there; 

That is hard to place within the already countless homogeneous classifications of society

‘The othered body is not just myself, but also the bodies that fill up the remainder of our sociological space-time heterogeneities; They find themselves displaced and unable to be heard .’

Hush -

please don’t look at me

Hush -

please look at me

Hush -


The voices of these othered bodies were being heard /

:By an exclusionary, default, physiological reflex 

‘A latent speech — a murmur occurred:
Telling of the patriarchy of grammar, and the hierarchy of listening.’

: Through caring for, pampering, torturing, scarring, and degendering the lifeless forms, fantastical amendments of the past and the subconscious are enacted

‘The creation of a human-like form makes me the master of my inanimate self, today I can be less of, tomorrow I can be more of, and yesterday I was nothing.’

‘Observing split and resistance inside of my self, entwined with the learned expressions that I output, the body and its visible parts become a passive chamber.’

A muted state is formed /