Your figures are muted  

Video installation+ Live sound performance
On-going project

‘Your Figures are Muted’ they said is a thematic approach to a series of on-going work, which began in November 2018.

This series of works investigates the sonic possibilities of typography, the body and performance, and is guided by the Her Noise Archive. Her Noise Archive is a resource of collected materials investigating music and sound histories in relation to gender, bringing together a wide network of women artists who use sound as a medium. The archive originated in the research and materials collected by curators Lina Džuverovi and Anne Hilde Neset for the exhibition Her Noise at the South London Gallery in 2005.

Be it performance, dance, film, photography, text-based work or sculpture, this project utilising different materials and mediums to explore the possibility for them to operate as sonic tools.  

On the 8th of Feburary 2020, Li first showcased this piece at Rich Mix theatre in London as part of the QUEERING NOW program for Chinese Arts Now Festival, curated by Chinese drag king Whiskey Chow and Sha Li. QUEERING NOW is a curatorial programme amplifying marginalised voices of the #ChineseQueer situated in a multiplicity of social contexts beyond specific nationality and political boarders. Curated by Whiskey Chow and Sha Li it explores 'Chinese' from a broader perspective. The aim is to interrogate and investigate the notion of 'Chinese' and 'Chinese Queer' by bringing together multi-layered identities and artists from diverse backgrounds to reflect different approaches in relation to the cultural heritage of queer diaspora.

Queering Now is the only artist-led and co-curated event in Chinese Arts Now Festival 2020 and has been made possible through the support by the Arts Council England and Live Art UK - Diverse Actions.

This 30 minutes live performance is guided by text and live sound performance. The minimalist poetry serves as an abstracted essay of Li’s research into their state of gender dyphoria, and the destruction of communication insolidarity with muted bodies. 

3 breaths

Multi Media Installation



Sound Negotiation
Durational performance

1. The tranquiloity of one glass of water  一杯水的寂止 11:50 
2. Words 語  9:03

Value to Inflation

Performance documemntation